Event Planning Simplified

By answering simple questions on our unique fill-in-the-blanks Event Room Data form, Room Viewer can do 90% of the work automatically. All the basic elements for creating event space layouts are right here. Drawings can be created for meetings, banquets and many other functions.

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Facility Schematics

Create your own using schematics using our easy-to-use tools, or let our talented staff create accurate and detailed schematics for your facility.

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Shape Packages

Room Viewer comes with many resuable shapes and the tools to build your own custom reusable shapes. You can also purchase additional shape packages created by TimeSaver Software's staff artist.

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Turn Client Proposals Into Client Business

Presenting accurate, professional looking diagrams to your clients is a must to stay competitive. The quality diagrams produced with Room Viewer show your clients how their event will look. Once the client approves, pass the diagram along to the people setting up the event. The accompanying event inventory reports (Standard, Pro & Deluxe) tally the exact items required to set up the function space and can be printed in your choice of English or Spanish. No more guess work!


Quick, easy, and cost effective!

Designed by a meeting professional for ease of use, Room Viewer offers quick, easy and cost effective ways to prepare event diagrams. Room Viewer makes site selection easier by quickly calculating "best fit" options such as the maximum number of seats a particular room can hold. Even if you can't be on-site to manage the event, Room Viewer's diagrams reduce the communications gap by showing the facility what you have in mind and allows the facility to set up your event according to your specifications.

Try it for free! See for yourself.

You don't have time to figure out new software, so you need the easiest to use software on the market today. Review the evaluation now and see how intuitive Room Viewer is.

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